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About Linden

I grew up anxious and scared of everything. 

I struggled with depression for 30 years. 

I found alcohol to cope with social anxiety and drank for a decade.

I got sober, "got my life together" ("real" 9-5 job, gym membership, paid off car, ombre hair, etc.) - I was really unhappy

I got stage 3 brain cancer

I questioned everything. 

Life broke me down to nothing. 

I found my authentic self after all the masks were destroyed.

I got married. 

I got divorced.

I lost everything that "defined" me.

I found myself.

I found love, joy, peacefulness and freedom.

If I did it, you can too. 

Not sure how?

I can help.

Get Sh*t Done with Love Approach

No nonsense, non judgmental support creates the change you desire.

Transformation. Not Therapy.

6 months to a new life.

Have you been to therapists, counselors and read the whole self help section at your local book store? I had, too. I use science backed, research based methods that will allow you to completely transform your life. As you change, everything around you changes. The result is a completely transformed life you love and can maintain without me, books, therapy or an inbox full of self help emails.

Strengths Based Approach.

There is nothing wrong with you.

Shine a light where there is darkness and the darkness goes away. Using a strengths based approach, we focus on what is good, the natural strengths you were born with and what inherently brings you joy. This approach yields the fastest results. Where your attention goes, energy flows. Stop focusing on what is wrong, start focusing on what you want and watch your life transform.

Simplicity Yields Results.

Anyone Can Be Successful.

There are countless ways to reach your goals. Why not use the easiest, most efficient tools? I've already done the research and used myself as a guinea pig for the last decade. The strategies I teach work for everyone, 16 to 60 years old. If you come to work, you will see your life change. Anxiety, stress and overwhelm are replaced by clarity and inner knowing.

Orange Blossom

“You seek too much information and not enough transformation.”


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Holy sh*t, it works!
We started in August and by July it was working. I went from self loathing to self accepting. Thank you for everything.

Abbey Prives